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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer troubles, still

I finally got everything straightened out from the bastards I originally ordered my replacement motherboard from (see below). It turns out that they didn't have the part in stock to start with, and never bothered to inform me, cause hey, I was just trying to buy one. So we got the order negated, and Mike found one on eBay instead. It came in about a week ago, and he put it in the computer, and it worked. BUT - it will not work with my wireless keyboard and mouse, and if you plug any kind of USB thing into it, the speed of the entire computer drops to just below glaciers. Not awesome. I refuse to give up my mouse and keyboard, as well as any hope of plugging in my printer, iPod, camera, and phone into my tower ever again, so we are going to return this motherboard and try a third time to get one that will actually arrive and work like it is supposed to. I am really getting tired of all this, plus I am PMSing really bad, so I am at the point where I am just like "fuck it, I will just never get this one replaced, I will just buy a whole new fucking thing". *sigh*

Plus I am having some kind of sinus problem which I have never had before, and it is fucking with me. I am just incredibly blah right now. How're you?


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