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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hair issues

I know, I haven't updated in a while. Shoot me. Had both yesterday and today off, which was nice. I got to sleep in and do some laundry, cleaned my room, did the pile of dishes no one's touched for weeks... I also had lunch with Von and went with her to the Loop to get her nose pierced. I dyed my hair today, and it's gotten so long that I'm seriously considering cutting it. Let's vote: Who thinks I should cut my hair and who thinks I should leave it long? I'll try to post a picture so you can see the length. I swear, it's grown about two inches since the last time I looked at it.

So, my birthday's coming up in exactly.....23 days. That's less than a month! Just barely more than three weeks away! What are you going to do?! Should I have a party? Who would go? Will anyone comment on this post? Stay tuned!


  • At 10:15 PM, Blogger Von said…

    I totaly am commenting! A party might be cool, but now that we're all 21 we could actualy go do something! *gasp* *shock* *horror* Mayyyyybe McGurks again?


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