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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I feel so funky

Guess what I did.

When I threw away the garbage before heading to class tonight, I once again demonstrated my supreme idiocy and tossed the bag with the hand also holding my keys. Guess what flew into the dumpster with the trash?


Aren't I clever? Luckily, I am clever enough to know what a dumbass I can be, so I did have my spare set of keys in my purse. However, it did not contain the spare apartment key; the last catsitter still has it. I did the only thing I could do - got in my car and went to class. I had a major test tonight I could not miss.

My sister met me at home when I got out, and let me into the apartment, and then stood guard while I climbed up on a chair, carefully climbed into the dumpster, and started tossing bags, looking for my keys. It took a good five or eight minutes for me to find them - there was a lot more garbage after class than there was before, and my keys were hiding under some awesome bags o' trash. I climbed back out even more carefully, came back in, washed my keys*, and took a long hot shower with lots of soaps. I feel much better now, and I can add a new experience to my list...
"Yes, I have been in a Dumpster before, thank you."

*All of my keys are clean, except for one thing. I had a fuzzy red bear keychain that I am afraid will never get clean again. It was some kind of birthstone bear, and I have had it longer than I have had my current car...actually, I have had it since before I owned a car, come to think of it. It is a red bear about as long as my finger, and I will really miss it. I am going to try to put it through the laundry, but it might fall apart or something, and after sitting in a dumpster for four hours, I don't think anything else will really get it clean. Wish my bear luck on his aquatic journey!


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