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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Holy shit! What?!

Holy mother of God! (Should that be capitalized? Holy Mother of God!) I went in to work today feeling pretty shitty due to me hurling an hour beforehand, but I need the hours so I didn't call in sick like I wanted. Good thing too. I went up to Nancy (the senior beauty advisor (SBA) at my store, and the cosmetics boss-lady) to say Hi and see what she had for me to do today, and she was talking to this kinda offical-looking lady, and they were like "Oh, we were just talking about you". My first thought is I fucked something up, but they're smiling, so it can't be too bad. Then the offical-looking lady, who I found out later is the Cosmetics Supervisor, told me that they need an SBA for the store on Jeffco Blvd, and they would like to offer it to me, am I interested? It would be pretty much Nancy's job at this other store, full-time hours, sick and vacation days, insurance, ect. Plus a raise. FUCK YES I AM INTERESTED WHEN DO YOU WANT ME TO BE READY?! She gave me her card and told me to think it over and give her a call like on Monday to let her know if I would like to take it. Apparently my sales are so good that they picked me for this. Plus Nancy gave me a good promo. So I am pretty sure I am going to tell her I would like this job. It will make me sad to leave my store and go somewhere where I don't go out drinking with Nora in pharmacy and screaming "Dammit Scott STOP THAT!!" after we close at night and he annoys the crap out of me with the kid's toys that make noise. But I will still go to my store all the time for stuff, and to visit, because I am sentimental like that. Plus my store is only a mile from my house, and not ten miles like this new store is.


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