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Monday, December 04, 2006

Still listening to Tenacious D.....

.....and uploading pictures. Unfortunately, I am a dumbass and forgot that I meant to take pictures last night but fell asleep before I actually did it. Then this morning the guy had been banging away for hours before I went upstairs to start taking "during" pictures, which was when I realized that I had no "before" pictures. Oh well. Mom said she took some before shots, so I will just upload those later on. So far it's pretty funky. We found part of the original paint job hidden underneath the soffit, and it's kinda strange. The walls were a mustardy yellow, and the ceiling was red, and the red leaked down onto the yellow in a scallop pattern. It looks like the inside of a circus tent. WTF? Anyways, the guys spent today just pulling out a lot of the cabinetry and shit, and in doing so they exposed some of the original flooring as well. Asbestos tile. Yum!

If you want to see the kitchen picture album, click here. I will keep adding pictues to this same link so just click here every time I tell you there are new pictures.

Mom and I picked out flooring today, or at least we picked the flooring she's pretty sure she's going to go with. It's pretty decent, grey irregular tile squares pattern on vinyl kinda stuff. I told her to get ceramic for the not goudging and getting fugly factors but she thinks it will be cold. What floor isn't?


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