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Monday, May 21, 2007

Yay Blogger!!

Blogger has just informed me that it now saves my drafts automatically! No more clicking the publish button only to see the "Internet Explorer can not display the webpage" message. Finally!

In other, not as awesome news, my car died the other day. I had gone to McDonald's for lunch and as soon as I pulled in front of the order taker box thing, my car shuddered and turned off. No amount of key turning, cursing, and bargaining on my part seemed to help, and in the end, two of the employees had to come out and help push my car out of the drive thru path. I ran back to work and after I got off my sister drove me back down to McD's so her friend Joe and I could try to jump it. We got my car started but it crapped out again as soon as we took the cables off. The second time we kept charging with the cables on for at least ten minutes, and I was like "Alright! I'm drivng home as fast as I can! Kati, follow me in case it dies!" I jumped in and drove it from the pay window to just past the get your food window before it died again. Luckily, I was heading downhill now, so I let it coast down to a parking spot and was like, "Change of plans. I'm leaving this fucker here. Kati, let's head home." Mike thought it was the alternator that was shot, and he was right. I had just replaced my battery in October, so my mom took it to Autozone for me the next day and got a new one for free. I walked back down after I got out of work and Mike told me how to hook it up, which I did (yay!) and drove it back to my driveway, where it still sits. I can't afford a new alternator until after I get paid on Friday, but the only bills I need to pay are my $50 rent to my mom and cat litter. This means we can change the oil, brake and steering fluids, and a couple other maintenance things all at once with replacing the alternator. Yay!


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