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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Current status: Pretty damn good

I have been having a pretty damn good month so far. I cut my nails after growing them out to a personal record of a full inch long from cuticle to tip, I got a "she did a good job explaining a rebate to that customer" comment to my boss from my boss's boss (woot!), made my quota today in less than an hour and kept making more sales after that, plus I made my quota everyday last month and I will get a prize, I walked to work even though I had my car, and I have lost a sum total of about 27 pounds, and some of my slacks and jeans are loose enough that I can take them off without unfastening them (in case you are wondering, they are size 18). I also rearranged both my bedroom and living room and cleaned *everything* in the process.

In celebration of how awesome I am, and because I have Friday off (which is also payday), I am going to go shopping, and buy myself some new pants and maybe some shirts. I am all excited because I want to see what size I fit into that has not been all stretched out and because I have not had any new clothes in almost a year and a half. It will also rule pretty hard to be able to get a shirt out of my closet and not have to check it for stains and holes before I wear it outside (I am pretty messy, and my newest shirt is at least 2 years old). What else can I get to spoil myself? I don't need underwear, but I might need socks pretty soon, and new bras, I think. Yeah. New bras would rock. It will be pretty kickass to get out of the house and do something nice for myself. I have so little work clothes that I can't last a full week before I am down to either doing laundry or working nude.

Clothes rule.


  • At 5:35 PM, Blogger T said…

    Alright Jess! Keep up the good work! ^_^


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