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Saturday, October 20, 2007


My little Honeyface passed away last night about 11. I am now hamsterless for the first time in years. I got my first hamster, Munchkin, sometime in late 2001 or early 2002 (all I remember for sure is that it was cold time). My sister got a hamster at the same time (sister hamsters from the same litter). After a while she got tired of taking care of her hamster and passed her on to me. I renamed her Chipper. A year or so later my boyfriend suprised me with a little dwarf hamster I named Cosmo. I also fell in love with a little black bear hamster I named Smokey (the bear). She came along after Munchkin passed but before Chipper. Cosmo also died around this time. I got another hamster named Pumpkin who only was with me a couple months before contracting wet tail, and a Chinese dwarf hamster named Starry. Shortly after that I adopted Fred from a family who had gotten a pet that they shouldn't have for their daughter (she was way too young to take care of a hamster). A couple months after that I got Honey. Smokey died not long before we moved last September and Starry a few months later. Fred passed away last month, as you know, and Honey was my last baby.

I am not planning on getting any more hamsters for a while. I still have 2.5 cats to take care of, plus I am busy enough with school and work that I do not feel I should take on any more responsibilities. I am also still hoping to move out within the next couple of years, and that will take up a lot of my time and energy - not just the move itself, but the effort needed to find a nice apartment before moving. This is not to say I will never have hamsters again, but not in the near future. Plus I hate the fact that they live only a couple of years before they die. I would like to get something like a ferret, chinchilla, rabbit, ect. that lives a little longer. However, if anyone knows of a fuzzy (not a cat or dog) that needs a good home for some reason (accidental litter, allergic, moving), please let me know. I will probably take whatever you have. No bugs please; I have never understood the twisted mind that keeps a giant mutant centipede or spider as a "pet".


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