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Monday, August 22, 2005

Six Flags! Woo!

Went to Six Flags Sunday with Von and Beth, it was AWESOME!! We went on the Batman, the Joker, Excaliber, the Highland Fling, the Boss, Thunder River, the Freeze...and then the Batman again. :D We likes da Batman. Then we were tired, so we ate Dippin Dots ice cream, which is yummyness in dot form, and then we rode the train, cause the train rocks. But on the second half we had these nappy kids in front, and their mom was just as bad - she saw "Jerry" while we were waiting for the train to take off, and started bellowing "Jerry! Jerry! Get on the train! Jerry!" really loudly, in a not pleasant voice. We did not approve. Luckily, she shut up when we set off, maybe because Jerry walked away from the train without replying. Can't say I blame him.

After the train we were tired, and we went back to my house and got pizza, because the Chinese place was closed. Grr. But the pizza was good, and then ice cream, and then Drew and Beth and I played Set. Then everyone was sleepy and headed home to rest. Good day.


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