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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I know, I know, I haven't posted in three months

I didn't realize, till just now, that when I had the Internet and I was at my house, I was posting fairly regularly. Then it ended. Hopefully now that will start up again, especially since I'm not going to classes this semester and I'm living at home again. I'm also selling my car, and perhaps buying an older, uglier, cheaper one, the kind I can make payments and afford insurance on. Hey, if anyone's interested in buying my car, let me know. It runs beautifully and was well taken care of. I'll miss it. :( But at least selling it means I can pay off the DAMN BANK and get that off my mind. They aggravate me. I don't like my bank. Well, really it's a credit union, but who cares.

So yes, here's what's been going on. I quit working at Six Flags when they started being open only on weekends, and now I'm working at the drugstore by my house. I moved from Eureka back to my mom's house because it was such a damn long drive (30-odd miles to work every day) and it was mostly to be near Six Flags and Mike. But now that I can't afford car insurance, I can't be out there unless Mike gives me a ride, and he can't do that every day. I miss being out there with him.

Von's getting married! Yay! To read more about it, go to her opendiary by clicking on the Darcy26 link on the right. If you want to see the bridesmaid dresses we got (I'm a bridesmaid) go to David's Bridal and in the "Catalog Search" box, type F21186 to go to the page. I think it's pretty. Well, I shall write more later, I promise, or no cheese for me. I'm off to work, heigh ho.