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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Today, I am anti-asshole.

So, most of you know I work at a drugstore. If you didn't know that, tada, now you do. Anyway, I worked the evening shift today, and the first thing I had to do was clean up shit. Literally. Someone had shit their pants and decided, hey, they have a public bathroom, let's clean up there. That's all well and good, but they were unfortunatly an ASSHOLE and made a huge fucking mess. I mean, there was shit smeared on the floor, shit caked on the toilet (which was also full of shit), and just in case this wasn't enough, they balled up their shitty underpants and wadded them in that little trashcan women's rooms have for used girlie stuff, along with wads of shitty used TP. This thing was overflowing with shit. I got to clean it. This enviable task took me just over half an hour.

Shortly after, a woman came in with her daughter, looked to be about seven or so. This kid was also afflicted with being an ASSHOLE and as her mother shopped around in my department (cosmetics) she kept grabbing things and opening them only to toss them aside. For example, she opened a tube of lipstick, turned it up, and then jammed the top back on. She grabbed a tube of lotion, squeezed some out, and then stuck the cap back on. She did this kind of shit the ENTIRE time they were in the store. She also kept "talking" at the TOP of her LUNGS. Tina was in the camera department on the other side of the store and heard her clearly. What was her mother doing this whole time, you might ask. Did she scold her kid or reprimand her in any way? Of course not, because she was an ASSHOLE too. I had semi-followed her and her demon spawn around trying to fix/wipe off/replace in the correct spot all the stuff this kid was messing up, and this ASSHOLE woman complains to Scott on the front register "You need to talk to your little cosmetics girl. She kept following me around and made me very uncomfortable." Scott stuck up for me, telling her "She was following you around because your kid was messing stuff up." She left all mad.

Later, she was still being an ASSHOLE and called up to talk to the manager. He, of course, did what managers do best - kissed ass. He told her he would speak to me, and she said "I don't care if you talk to her or not. I will never shop at this store again, and neither will my mother or my father." Then she hung up. Scott and I did a little dance.

And that, children, is why I am anti-asshole today. Maybe if I boycott them they'll go away.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Candle party

Totally had one today. Nora says I get free stuff now. Yay! Will post piccys of it once it comes to me.

In other news, Bob the cat has a cold. We are saddened.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So here I am, updating yet again, even though not much has happened to me. Laura had her baby (I'm not going to post the same pics, you can see them at *rawr*) and Von cleaned her room, and my brother got a job at the same McHell my sister works at. I'm sure she's thrilled.

Anecdote: This happened on the way back to Von's house the other day.
Von: "Turn here."
Me: "I always remember where to turn on Vernon, cause of the chicken hut!"
V: "That's a Taco Bell."
M: "It has a Pizza Hut in it. And there's a chicken place next to it, see?"
V: "That one doesn't have a Pizza Hut. It's just a Taco Bell."
M: "Oh."
V: "Where'd you come up with chicken hut anyways?"
M: "Well, there's a chicken place, and I thought it had a Pizza Hut, so I took the first and last words and made it a chicken hut. It's not like I pulled it out of my ass."
M: "Ass hut........"*chuckle*
V: "The hut of ass!"
M: "Deep fried chicken ass, just for you! Juicy chicken anus, lightly breaded! The 'new' chicken ring!!"
*insane laughter from both*
M: "That's a new low."
V: "Oh yeah.
*more laughter*

And I'm spent.

Friday, November 04, 2005

I hate my fucking CU

The damn website that's supposed to let me check my fucking balance won't let me because of a wussy "communication error" which has apparently happened like five times. This sucks. I want to know if my goddamn paycheck is in there!!!!!!!! Fucking credit unions.