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Friday, November 26, 2004

I'm conforming, damn you

Well, since everyone has been posting this interesting little list, I decided to follow suit and do my bit to help conformity on the web. Remember, you saw it elsewhere first, unless you didn't, in which case you need to visit Homeade Honey Town, blog of the Infamous T, and Random Thoughts (in that order, or else) and read everyone else's answers. Enjoy finding out more about me than is good for you.

Q: What color is most reflective of you?
A: Um...I like red. Red's pretty

Q: How did you get the idea for your diary name?
A: I took the most useless quiz on (credit here for the cute little icon up top)

Q:What time were you born:
A: 12:40 pm

Q: What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?
A: I wish I was hearing Hey Ya! by OutKast, damn you T!

Q: Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
A: Sad, yes, but not enough to cry. I don't know them that well

Q: What color underwear are you wearing?
A: Black

Q: Do you want a baby?
A: Not after some of the rotten little brats I saw today *shudder*

Q: What does your mom do for a living?
A: She's a nurse

Q: What does your dad do for a living?
A: He's a combination of postal worker and asshole

Q: What is your pet's name?
A: Sylvester, my kitty, and my hamsters, Smokey and Cosmo

Q: What color are your bedsheets?
A: White flannel with blue things

Q: What are the last 3 digits of your phone number?
A: 962

Q: What was the last concert you attended?
A: Um...Tanya Tucker at Six Flags with Kristen. Wow, that was a while ago...

Q: Who was with you?
A: Kristen, her mom, and her aunt

Q: What was the last movie you saw?
A: They Call Me Tater Salad

Q: Who do you dislike most at this moment?
A: This five-year-old asshole kid who threw a fit at my counter because his mom told him to take off a Santa hat so she could pay for it. He tried to rip it out of her hands and was a total dick, trying to kick and hit her. If that was my kid, I'd've taken him to the bathroom and beaten his ass, and not gotten him the damn hat. I hate parents who spoil their kids like that

Q: What food are you craving right now?
A: Nothing. I am stuffed like a sausage

Q: Did you dream last night?
A: Not a bit

Q: What was the last tv show you watched?
A: American Choppers, or something like that

Q: What is your fave piece of jewelry?
A: All my earrings :D

Q: What is to the left of you?
A: The basement

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
A: Mashed taters and homeade turkey gravy, the only gravy worth eating

Q: Who last imed you?
A: Athenae

Q: Where is your signifigant other right now?
A: At home, relaxing after a long, hard day at work

Q: Do you have a crush?
A: Just on him

Q: What shampoo do you use?
A: Garnier Fructis

Q: When was the last time you cut your hair?
A: October

Q: Are you on any meds?
A: Just birth control

Q: Do you have a mental disease?
A: I've never been diagnosed....

Q: What shirt are you wearing?
A: Long sleeved ivory one, with little blue flowers and a chocolate smear

Q: What time is it?
A: Almost midnight, bwahaha!

Q: What is your fave frozen treat?
A: Dove chocolate ice cream

Q: Are you sexy?
A: Yes

Q: What's your favorite shopping store?
A: Ooh, Best Buy maybe, or Borders/Barnes & Noble

Q: Are you thirsty?
A: No, but if I change my mind, I have Coke

Q: Can you imagine yourself ever getting married?
A: Imagine? Sure

So there you have it, my little bit of webformity up for all to see. Hope you're happy, you conforming blogger bastards. Just kidding, I love you all. Except that guy.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Yes, it's finally posted

Here at last is The List, which is being put up on everone's blog, so I feel compelled to put it up on mine. I just want to be popular....*sniff*.

Last Cigarette: Don't smoke, never have, never will. Yucko.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Bailey's, yum
Last Car Ride: Dropping Breka off at work
Last Kiss: Thursday, last time I saw Mike. Actually, no, wait, my last kiss was last night, from Brooke, along with bits of her PB&J. Apparently, feeding me is funny
Last Good Cry: A bit ago, so I'll have one again soon
Last Library Book: How to Be Happy, Dammit
Last book bought: Um...The Passion of Artemisia, maybe? It's been a while
Last Book Read: Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disney
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Shrek 2!!!!
Last Movie Rented: Rose Red
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Take your pick, it could've been any of 'em
Last Beverage Drank: Coke, baby
Last Food Consumed: Fries, right now
Last Phone Call: To Laura, I was bored
Last TV Show Watched: Something with choppers and monsterizing, I'm sure. Whatever Mike was watching...
Last Time Showered: Yesterday, after dying my hair
Last Shoes Worn: Boots
Last CD Played: A mix CD I made
Last Item Bought: Hair dye
Last Download: A really sucky version of "Bambi Meets Godzilla". I need to find a better one
Last Annoyance: The DAMN DOG jumping around RIGHT OVER MY HEAD while I'm SLEEPING
Last Soda Drank: Again, Coke
Last Thing Written: My order for Mickey D's
Last Key Used: My house Key
Last Words Spoken: You can have it
Last Sleep: This morning, until the DAMN DOG woke me
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Dove chocolate, oh yeah
Last Chair Sat In: My crappy computer chair
Last Webpage Visited: Doom Buggies It's a history of Disney's Haunted Mansion ride