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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Litter experimentation

I mentioned recently in a post that my cat Vester began a lovely habit of peeing in the litterbox and then stepping in it as he attempted to cover it up. Not knowing how to fix this I was just trying to keep the litterbox clean and brushing a lot of litter off of things. Well, today Mike and I went to get some more cat litter and I grabbed a couple bags without really reading the packaging. Oops! Instead of the traditional clumping cat litter I usually get, I picked up the clay version by mistake. (For those unfamiliar with cat litters, clumping is just that - it clumps the pees into, well, clumps, for easy scoopage. Clay lets it sift through to the bottom, and you scoop out the solid poos and dump the entire contents of the box once a week or so to get rid of the pee that sifted down.) Well, since I had already poured out the bag into the two litterboxes before I noticed it was a much lighter color and bigger pieces than I was expecting, I was like, "fuck it. We'll try clay." Vester peed in it almost as soon as I had emptied the bag, and after he was done, I glanced over - Voila! - Instead of the usual lake of not-yet-absorbed pee I am used to seeing, there was just a quarter-sized wet spot. No wet litter to step in and get stuck on his feet!! Yay!! I'm going to try the clay litter for a while, and use the other bag in a few days when I empty out the litterboxes, and maybe clean them really well while I'm at it. I might pick up some liners too, and save some cleaning time down the road. Hopefully this will take care of the feet litter problems, and not be a ginormous amount of work every week. Anyone use clay litter? Your thoughts? Your cats' thoughts?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Pat's Day!!

Yay holiday! Now here's the fun part: Two days ago here in St. Louis, we had a high of 76 degrees. Today it is 37 degrees and snowing. What the fuck?!

Monday, March 12, 2007

So today I had nothing really to do, and I decided that just for the fun of it I would read my blog archives and comments. I found two new comments from some German dude named vito. WTF? Who comments on archived blog entries not once, but twice? Here's the first one:

"Hi, heute hast du mir mit deinem blog die langweile vertrieben. Nach stunden des gelangweielten surfens bin ich hier gelandet. Absolut interessantes Thema.
Ich denk hier werde ich öfter vorbei schauen !
Ich habe eine Seite über workstation. Hier findest du alles über workstation und noch viel mehr !
Wenn du Zeit hast, schau doch mal vorbei ! :-)"

(Here's AltaVista's translation:)

"Rear ones, today you have me with yours blog bore driven out. After grant the gelangweielten surfens I landed here. Absolutely interesting topic. I think here I will more frequently past look! I have a side over workstation. Here you find everything over workstation and still much more! If you have time, schau nevertheless times past! : -)"

Weird, huh? Here's the next one he left me, which he was kind enough to post in English:

"I searched the net and i find your blog. Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!
I have a it-beratung Site. It pretty much covers it-beratung related stuff.
Come and check it out if you get time :-)"

I'm not too sure what was going on there. German dude vito, if you still read my blog, I'm not making fun of you, just confused about your comments. I can't read German.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Grades, that is. I am proud to announce I am the owner of solid B's for this semester so far!! Isn't that awesome? I fucking rule.

In other news, I am on spring break this week, and I get a total of three (3) days off, meaning days during which I am doing nothing for work. Probably school stuff will sneak in cause I have a paper outline due, and I'm going to do ALL of my homework for my IS* class ahead of time to piss off my teacher. He's a dipwad and I don't like him AT ALL, so next time we do lab work in class and I don't have my book and he says something to me about it, I will just hand him the finished assignments, and if he says I should get started on the next ones I will hand him them too, and so on until he has all my papers, which I will keep backups of in case he holds on to them and "loses" them, which I wouldn't put past him. Also I apparently have a talent for paragraph-long sentences.

Piercing is healing nicely, and I'm still considering getting the jewelry changed to a barbel instead of a ring, but I won't be able to do that for months yet. Vester keeps fussing at me until he gets to sit in my lap, but for some weird cat reason he won't actually jump up into my lap, so...WTF? He has also started a really annoying habit of peeing in the litterbox, stepping in it, and getting litter all over his back feet every time. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this, besides doing the litterbox every ten minutes? That makes no difference.

*Information Systems for Business, or, How to do Stuff in Microsoft Office

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why I love the Irish