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Monday, February 12, 2007

Would you go to this dentist?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello, all!!

How have you been? Haven't seen you in a while. My internet decided to vacation without me. Knowing how sad you all would be with no updates from me, I am going to post everything that has happened in ONE HUGE POST!!!! Holy crap, the amazement!!

First off, I have officially been trained to work in the pharmacy. I trained for three days at the store closest to my house that is not my store, and I dispensed A LOT of Zoloft, Ambien, Yasmin, Ortho Tri Cylen, various amoxycillins, even some OxyContin and Viagra. Lot of stressed people who need pills out there. Overall, working in the pharmacy isn't as hard as I thought it would be. The worst part so far (I haven't had to answer the phones yet, and I think that might end up being the worst) is working in the drive-through, because the intercom is set up to where you on the inside talks to the customer in their car using a telephone on the inside and an intercom type thing on the outside. They can never hear you. Ever. So you basically are screaming into this phone the whole time, "Can I help you? CAN I HELP YOU?! WHAT'S THE NAME? THE NAME!! HOLD ON!" *going to the bins, grumbling, "maybe if the fucker got OFF his PHONE and turned his music DOWN he could hear me"* "CAN YOU VERIFY THE ADDRESS? WHAT'S YOUR ADDRESS?!?" *money exchange* "HAVE A GOOD DAY!" *they leave* "Asshole." *ding* "Can I help you?..." ect. If they could just hear you it would not be bad at all, because you get to look out of a huge ass window. It looks like I will just be running back to help cashier when they get real busy though, so I probably won't have to work drive-through and yell too often.

Also, I got a new kitty! Nothing was wrong with the old one, don't worry. I just saw him at the pet store adoption thing they have, and he was so cute, but I wasn't going to go inside and pet him because it hurts to leave. BUT, the volunteer chicky who was working back there opened the door and asked if Mike and I wanted to come back and play with some kitties, and somehow this suction formed and pulled me in. Once I was in I couldn't help but play with fuzzies. I actually went back again the next day to see this cat, and again the next day, when I finally filled out paperwork to adopt him. They called me back about a week later and told me I had been approved, and I could come down anytime before six and get him. !!!! He settled right in and made buddies with Vester, and now they are pals. They will snuggle up and sleep and play wrestle and drink out of the water bowl together and sit in the same window. It is pretty awesome. The new guy is named Leo (it's short for Leopold) and he looks like a lion. I decided to save time by just putting links to his pictures instead of posting them all here, and each link is to a different picture, so make sure you click them all. I didn't want to save so much time that there was only one picture, because that would be boring.

I started school again, and it is about the same as I remembered it. Except the stress when you have about one day after work to study for three tests, which means five chapters in two textbooks and an entire 346 page book. It really sucked. I don't have the grade for my computer class test, but I got about a 76% on the psychology test and a 100% (!!!) on the book test. Go me!!

I got a new phone on eBay. It's a Tmobile MDA, and it rules. I can surf the Web and play games, make my own ringtones, and it has a full keyboard. Nifty. I have to buy a new battery for it though, because I did get it used and the battery life sucks, but it's decent if I don't need to use the phone. Figures. It's still a pretty good phone though, and when I replace the battery it will rule even harder.

I decided about a month ago that I don't have enough holes in my ears. I have the usual piercing in each lobe, plus a second hole in my left lobe only, and a couple of years ago I got my right cartilage pierced. (Holy cow that was a while ago, I was still using Flickr then) Anyways, my birthday is coming up (Feb. 19th) and Von had found a picture of a daith piercing. This particular piercing is the ridge of cartilage that curves in right above your ear canal. I thought that was pretty awesome, and kept thinking about it. And kept thinking about it. Kept thinking about it. It just seemed too cool. So I finally said "Yes. I am going to get this done." Then, when I told Von I was going to get it done, and did she want to come, she offered to make it my birthday present. ROCK! So we went Thursday after I got out of class, and I was made a little more holey. It took a while for the needle just to get all the way through, and even longer to get the ring in place and all put together, but I think it really looks awesome, and it was totally worth it.

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