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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Goth Ann

And that is what Breka will be for Halloween this year. It's basically a black-and-white version of Raggedy Ann, and it looks really cute. I'll be doing her makeup for her, and then going to work. Yes, I am working on Halloween. Does that not suck? I'll be there til eleven, then I'm going to a Halloween party at my friend Lar's, then I'll be getting up early to be at work from eight to four, then running to my other job to work five to nine. Thank God I have Tuesday off. I'm going to Mike's and recovering.

I have been so bored these past couple weeks. All I've done is work every day. All my friends work or have school during the day when I'm home, and since I work evenings, I seldom get to see them. I haven't been out to Mike's in a while, either. It really sucks. Some Saturday I'm going to plan a friends date because that's the only evening I don't work. This Saturday I get to go strapless bra shopping for Von's wedding. Woo!

Also, does anyone know a place that dyes shoes? Semi-cheap? Von wants to use the same shoes we had for Lar's wedding, but white shoes with a navy dress is a NO. So she wants to get them dyed navy and use them instead of getting new shoes. Sounds good to me, as long as we can find a place that dyes shoes. Anyone?

Monday, October 11, 2004

A lapse in posting...

I was doing so good, too. Yes, over the next few (days? weeks? who knows) I will not be able to post regularly. Not that I did before. I like posting and all, but sometimes I can't find anything to write about save my problems, and no one wants to hear about that. Feel free to suggest topics via the comment thingy. In other news, there is nothing but soups and sandwhich stuff to eat here, and I'm a little tired of both. Want to feed me? Come on over. I can't think of anything else to post about, so I shall leave you with this though: If white wine goes with fish, do white grapes go with sushi?

Movie quote of the day, from Shrek 2:
Puss-in-Boots:"I hate Mondays."

Monday, October 04, 2004

That bastard!

He killed off my favorite character! That shit! HE KILLED EDDIE!!! And no, I'm not ranting about RHPS. :) Stephen King, one of my favorite writers, just killed my favorite character from the Dark Tower series! I cried, I really did. It was sad. The last half of the book just isn't the same, and after I finish it, I'll reread the second book when Eddie first arrived, and it will be sad because I KNOW he will die. If you've read all the DT books but the last, and I've spoiled it, sorry. I won't tell you who else dies, at least. If you haven't read any of them, or gave up after starting them, I highly suggest reading them. They be good.

And now, an honorable menion of Joan, who is the first random person to stumble upon my blog and leave a comment. Yay for Joan!

Movie quote of the day, from Emperor's New Groove:
Pacha:"We're on our honeymoon."
Waitress:"Bless you for coming out in public."

Sunday, October 03, 2004


I am sick. Deathly ill; as a matter of fact, I may die. You think I'm kidding? Okay, I am, I just have the sniffles. Still sucks, though. However, I press on. I even went to work today. This post'll be a short one, cause I am in the middle of the last Dark Tower book *yay, cheers* and it's really good. Sometime soon when I have more ambition I'm going to put a link to my Yahoo messenger name up so I can be messaged by my faithful readers, or weirdos. I'm not sure that's two separate groups, though....hmmm. Anyways, I be tired and wanting a warm bed instead of the cold cement floor of my basement family room. I need a laptop.

Movie quote of the day, from Check Your Neck:
Jeff Foxworthy:"You wanna stick a penny in a light socket? Try that out." (pause) "Hurts like hell, don't it? Don't do that again."

Friday, October 01, 2004


I neglected to mention yesterday I cut my hair. I was tired of it always looking funky and not doing anything with it beyond a ponytail, so I got it cut to just above my shoulders. I hadn't realized how much would be getting cut off; it looked like a small pet had exploded beneath my chair. But oh, it's so much easier to wash...Blah, I don't know what to post about. Now that I have no life, I have plenty of time to post, but nothing to write about. Hey, I know, I'll start posting a movie quote at the end of each post. Just for October, so don't get used to it. Mom and Larry (her boyfriend) are having a garage sale tomorrow and hopefully my car will get sold then. I cleaned it out and everything. Oh, read the Riverfront Times to see the Best of St. Louis. It's awesome.

Movie quote of the day, from Murder by Death:
Marcel: "I will tell everyone you wear a toupee."
Perrier: "They already know!"
Marcel: "Then why do you wear it?"
Perrier: "I didn't know that you knew."
Marcel: "Of course I knew. It's a terrible toupee."