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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Current status: Pretty damn good

I have been having a pretty damn good month so far. I cut my nails after growing them out to a personal record of a full inch long from cuticle to tip, I got a "she did a good job explaining a rebate to that customer" comment to my boss from my boss's boss (woot!), made my quota today in less than an hour and kept making more sales after that, plus I made my quota everyday last month and I will get a prize, I walked to work even though I had my car, and I have lost a sum total of about 27 pounds, and some of my slacks and jeans are loose enough that I can take them off without unfastening them (in case you are wondering, they are size 18). I also rearranged both my bedroom and living room and cleaned *everything* in the process.

In celebration of how awesome I am, and because I have Friday off (which is also payday), I am going to go shopping, and buy myself some new pants and maybe some shirts. I am all excited because I want to see what size I fit into that has not been all stretched out and because I have not had any new clothes in almost a year and a half. It will also rule pretty hard to be able to get a shirt out of my closet and not have to check it for stains and holes before I wear it outside (I am pretty messy, and my newest shirt is at least 2 years old). What else can I get to spoil myself? I don't need underwear, but I might need socks pretty soon, and new bras, I think. Yeah. New bras would rock. It will be pretty kickass to get out of the house and do something nice for myself. I have so little work clothes that I can't last a full week before I am down to either doing laundry or working nude.

Clothes rule.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Miss me?

Of course you did.

Sorry for not posting in so long, I was kinda depressed from not having a car for three weeks, and Friday when it was fixed I was too busy driving in it to write. But for now I'm home and bored.

As you may have guessed, I got my car back but it's not totally done yet, we still need to change the oil, belt, and power steering fluid. But it's drivable. I have fleas really really insanely bad, to the point where on the tops of my feet there is hardly a square inch without a sore, and I ordered some Frontline but it's not here yet. I pray to all that's holy it fucking works. Nothing else I've bought has done more than make a temporary dent. I also have what I am pretty sure is a canker sore in my mouth. It hurts.

Mom put the door that separates the basement from the main floor back on the hinges, even though it's a stupid thing to do. She doesn't want my two cats to come up from the basement, plus her cat was being confined because she kept coming downstairs and pissing on the floor NEXT TO the litterbox, which was a major fucking disgusting and smelly pain in my ass, and even though her cat is a bitch, so is my mom, and that is why her cat has two floors of the house to run around and piss in, and my boys, who have never peed outside the box except when Sylvester had his bladder infection, are confined to a basement that is partially blocked off because mom also keeps the laundry door shut to keep them out. I think it is going to be "accidentally" left open a lot more often now. They basically have three and a half rooms while Angel gets the entire fucking house. My mom is a bitch, and I have a major talent for run-on sentences.

Mike is in San Fran this week, the lucky bastard, and we are half-planning a trip up there, the two of us, sometime in the future. Plans are hazy.

My nails are so long I can hardly type, but I am too vain to cut them until it's necessary. Why? Because I can.