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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lots of good news today!

Having a more reliable internet connection does not mean I post more. It seems that I actually post less because now I can spend all my time on YouTube and Neopets.

And now for something completely different:

I am getting promoted!! Instead of just being an assistant beauty advisor at my store I will be the senior beauty advisor at a different store. This means more hours (but not many more), a raise, and I get to go to occasional meetings about makeups and things. The new store is a little closer than my current store, and a little smaller as well. Plus, the new store has set delivery days, unlike the store I work at now, where it changes after holidays. The only thing I am sad about is leaving my store. I am really going to miss almost everybody I work with, and I will even miss some of my regular customers. It will also be difficult to remember that everything from toothpaste to soda is in a different aisle now. However, the pluses way outweigh the sad things, and I am pretty damn excited. I am going on vacation in a week and after I get back at the start of August, I am not sure if I will still be at my old store or if I will be sent right to the new store.

More good news:

I won 500 dollars!!! My store's cosmetic department won a contest that was held back in like May to see which store could sell the most of a certain line, and our store won, so each girl that worked in cosmetics at the time won a $500 AmEx gift card. Pretty sweet, huh?

I have been having like the best week ever.